Roasted Sweet Potato, Caramelised Onion & Feta Tart

This sweet potato tart is so simple to make, is big on flavour and is delicious served for brunch, lunch or dinner. I liked the Woolworths recipe for its simplicity, and, as I had everything on hand went to creating my delicious sweet potato tart!

Sweet Potato Tart

Scrolling through the various recipes, I wanted a savoury tart I could quickly adapt for a quick weeknight meal.
And, as some key ingredients may not be readily available during these challenging times, I’ve included a handy list of substitutes that would taste just as good in this recipe.

I particularly like sweet potatoes for their vibrant colour; of course,, pumpkin (or squash) would work just as well. And, while I do love hearty homemade pies occasionally, there’s something that little more special with a homemade tart. With its pretty pastry borders and open top, you can get creative with your fillings.


Having worked in restaurants for many years, one of the biggest lessons I learnt was the importance of preparation, or in industry terms, “mise en place”. While this may apply to restaurants, it’s useful, especially if you work in a small kitchen (like I am). So I first read through the recipe, grab my ingredients, utensils, pots and pans, and I’m ready to go.

ingredients for sweet potato tart

*Substitute Ingredients

I love the versatility of this dish. You can switch those ingredients around if you have your base, onion filling, egg mixture, herbs, and vegetables. I substituted a leek for one of the onions (it’s what I had on hand and gave the tart a more mild flavour). I also sprinkled a handful of parmesan cheese over the tart the next in the leftovers, and I took this tart to another level. Other substitutes suggestions:

  • Sweet Potato – Pumpkin (Squash)
  • Puff Pastry – Shortcrust or homemade
  • Feta Cheese – Goats Cheese
  • Balsamic Vinegar – Red Wine Vinegar
  • Fresh Thyme – Fresh Rosemary (substitute dried if you don’t have fresh to hand)


Chopped sweet potatoes
1. Toss chopped sweet potato in olive oil and lay out on baking paper lined tin – bake 20 mins
Puff pastry in a tin
2. Take 2 sheets of pastry and lengthways press into tin
rice in tin to be baked
3. Add baking paper and dried rice to bake blind
leeks and onions
4. Saute leeks and onions
leeks onions sugar & balsamic
5. Add sugar & balsamic to pan
Caramelised onion
6. Cook until caramelised
onions in tart
7. Add onion mixture to cooked pastry
sweet potato and egg mixture
8. Add sweet potato and egg mixture
feta and thyme
9.Add feta and thyme
Cooked tart
10.Cook until egg mixture is set and pastry is golden
Ready to eat!
sweet potato pie with napkin

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