Hello Please – Brisbane Southside Vietnamese Restaurant

If someone told me I’d be dining in a carpark under an overhead rail bridge, with food served from a shipping container, I’d tell them they were crazy! So it feels kind of weird that, not only did I end up eating at the above-described place, but that I actually went back for more! Confession – I’ve now eaten there twice in the last week! And with good reason. This quirky little Vietnamese eatery totally rocks!!!

The Location

Tucked away in Fish Lane, we only stumbled across this small venue while waiting for a table at another popular restaurant.  (See the review for Julius Pizzeria). Intending to stay for just one drink we were suddenly hit with the most fragrant rich smells of garlic, ginger & lemongrass wafting through the air.  A quick look at the menu wouldn’t hurt – right? Seeing the other delicious looking meals coming out, the decision was made.  We’d just try one small item from the menu and head over to our reservation across the road.

Hello Please Vietnamese Restaurant
Bar & Dining Area @ Hello Please

The Bites

These are the ‘little’ spring rolls ($13 for 2) we ordered. And OMG!  They are certainly not your average spring rolls. For starters, they are made from Vietnamese rice paper wrappers, and when fried the result is amazingly crunchy.  The crispy texture succeeds in holding the delicious pork and coriander filling beautifully.  Not at all oily, just crunchy mouthwatering delicacies served with spicy Sriracha mayonnaise.

Spring rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls

The Drinks

The small, though inviting wine list includes the usual suspects: riesling, pinot gris and chardonnay. However, being slightly partial to a sav blanc, I decided instead to go with the Hunky Dory ($11.50). David chose from the interesting beer list, which including quirky names like Moon Dog Lager and Mountain Goat Fancy Pants. but settled on the more well known perfectly chilled, Bintang ($9).

Bintang lager
Cold and inviting glass of Bintang

End of scene one!  A brief but pleasant encounter at Hello Please.  Like I said I LOVED this place so much and couldn’t wait for a chance to go back, so when my sister and family arrived from Sydney what better place to take them to impress!

The Bites (2nd visit!!!)

Luckily my sister didn’t take too much convincing. Arriving before the lunchtime rush we had our choice of tables.  Again the staff were warm and welcoming and we found a lovely position out of the sun (did I mention it was 35 degrees Celsius)!  No sooner had we sat down and we were being served glasses of iced cold water.

Tempted by the banquet ($35 per person), but also wanting to try the individual listed dishes, we settled on the latter but not without mentally noting the banquet option for next time.   We kicked off with the spring rolls (naturally), as wanted to show the Sydney-siders just how good our Brissie food is. And, they were in total agreement.  These spring rolls were THE BEST that they had tasted. And my sister has done a lot of travelling to several South East Asian countries.


Coconut Chicken Curry
Fragrant Coconut Chicken Curry
Steamed rice
Perfectly cooked fragrant steamed rice
Prawn crackers
Crispy prawn crackers












My daughter went for the Chicken Curry ($20) which was full of amazing flavours – think lemongrass, peanuts, ginger, and coriander. The accompanying aromatic rice ($3) was more than enough for sharing. Add a bowl of prawn crackers ($3)and the meal was complete.



Coconut Chicken Curry
Coconut Chicken Curry

My sister opted for the Tom Kha Gai style Coconut Chicken Salad ($19), which of course I just had to try – so tasty and fresh!

Bun Cha
Bun Cha

My niece took one look at the menu and knew instantly that she wanted; the Bun Cha ($17). A beautifully presented bowl of pork belly, grilled pork meatballs, vermicelli, pickled vegies & noc chan.  How on earth did I miss this on the menu??? Having already ordered my dish of plum duck salad  I was almost tempted to change but the duck did sound inviting. The duck salad came full of fresh flavour of thai basil, vegies noodles and sesame.  I was not disappointed!

Duck salad
Duck salad

The Verdict

Having dined at Hello Please on two occasions now, I can highly recommend this hidden gem. The atmosphere, food and service all get Brissie Bites stamp of approval! And yes am thinking about another visit to try out that banquet. Watch this space!

Eating lunch at Hello Please with the family
Lunch with the fam from Sydney

Hello Please
10 Fish Lane
South Brisbane QLD  4101

Tel: 0415 576 161

Cuisine: Asian, Vietnamese

Special Diets:
Vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options

Opening Hours:

Monday           Closed
Tuesday           12-3pm/5-9pm
Wednesday     12-3pm/5-9:30pm
Thursday         12-3pm/5-9:30pm
Friday               12-3pm/5-10pm
Saturday          12-3pm/5-10pm
Sunday             12-8pm

Undercover outdoor seating available
Wheelchair accessible



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