Cork & Chroma – A Paint and Sip Studio in Brisbane

David ready to begin his masterpiece!

A Creative Night Out  – The Planning Stage

I’d heard a lot about ‘paint and sip’ studios, so decided it was time to check out one for myself!  With several Brisbane studios to choose from, I wanted one where I’d feel relaxed, was close to home and looked like a lot of fun. Cork & Chroma seemed to fit the bill nicely.  They use enticing words like  “relax” “wine” “paint” and “friends”.  But it was their proclamation that did it for me “no artistic talent required. They (almost) guarantee that you’ll walk out with a painting you’ll be proud of. Feeling convinced I next needed to book.  And more importantly, I needed to persuade my “non-creative” (his words), partner, to come with me.   Surprisingly he needed little convincing.  Well, I might’ve mentioned he could take along a beer or two.   Now to choose our paintings. There are so many fun pictures to choose from.  It was hard to choose but finally decided upon the Iconic Story Bridge.

The Arrival

We arrived early, feeling slightly apprehensive about the creative challenge ahead.  Seems we needn’t have worried. Hosts Zac (the patient artist) and lovely host Cara immediately made us feel right at home. They gave us a brief explanation of the night’s proceedings and where to get our art supplies. But most importantly where to get the wine cooler and glasses!

Cork & Chroma is BYO alcohol but EVERYTHING else is included in the price; paint, brushes, aprons, easel and your very own 40 x 50cm blank canvas which of course you get to take home with you. At the time of writing this post, the cost for all of this is only $55!  Where else can you get a night’s entertainment,  creative tuition and loads of fun – plus your very own masterpiece to take home.

Cork & Chroma - A Paint and Sip Studio in Brisbane - David painting Brisbane skyline

David laying down the foundations of his soon to be Masterpiece

Ready, Steady, Paint

The room fills quickly and I’m told it’s another sold out night. Excited chatter fills the air and before we know it we have our paintbrushes in hand ready to begin.  Zac leads us through a few basic and helps us to get familiar with our brushes and paints. The intro is quickly over and it’s straight into serious (well semi-serious) painting.  There’s a mixed bunch of people there on this night.  I chat with a couple sitting next to me who was given the class as a gift.  They said they hadn’t thought of a night out a painting before but are really enjoying it.  There were a few die-hard art students there (I’m guessing regulars) but I proudly resisted the urge to sneak a peek at their artwork. This is not a place for comparisonitis!

The hosts crank up the music and the crowd starts to relax. There are nibbles available for purchase, however, we are so caught up in the actual painting that we totally forget to eat. I think at one point I was concentrating so hard that I may have forgotten to breathe!


The Story Bridge

Zac is so patient with his step-by-step instructions, and always on hand to give suggestions, however strongly encourages you to add your own artistic flair.

He’s certainly a patient type quickly responding to several raised hands in the room.  He leads us through the various stages of our paintings and before long we can see our own Story Bridges emerging from the canvas.

Cork & Chroma - a Paint and Sip Studio in Brisbane - Our finished masterpieces!!!
Cork & Chroma – a Paint and Sip Studio in Brisbane – Our finished masterpieces!!!

When it comes to a great night out, Cork & Chroma definitely tick all of the boxes!  The upbeat music, step-by-step painting instruction, a glass or two of wine is a perfect combination of a different and creative evening. We thank our hosts and they tell us there’s just one more thing to do.  We are all to gather our paintings and take up our positions for our group pose. I thought that was a great way to finish the night, and an opportunity to see everyone’s finished paintings.

Cork & Chroma Paint and Sip Studio showing off our paintings
Photo courtesy of Cork & Chroma Brisbane

Cork & Chroma has two Brisbane locations, the original in Montague Street and now a pop up in Little Stanley Street. The classes run most nights and during the day on weekends. They both book out very quickly which we soon found out, so is advisable to book early to get the painting you want.

The Verdict

A great fun night out!!!

Cork & Chroma
44 Montague Road
South Brisbane QLD 4101
Tel: 0402 718 253


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